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Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd (OEO) is a dedicated supplier of ‘super environmental’ oil based hydraulic fluids to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

The aim of OEO is to provide environmentally acceptable alternatives to mineral oils across a wide plethora of applications including both topside and subsea hydraulic systems.

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Environmental Oils
Topside Equipment for EO Oils


ENVIROSOL EO Oils are an environmentally superior alternative to existing ISO Hydraulic Oils capable of operation across a wide range of topside and subsea equipment.

ENVIROSOL EO Oils are also designed for operation in the general marine vessel market.

ENVIROSOL EO Oils are available in a number of viscosity grades including EO05, EO15, EO22, EO32, EO46, EO68, EO100, EO150, EO220 and EO320.

Target applications are typically high volume systems beneath the waterline and high volume topside equipment that can leak to sea.

Several grades in the EO range are also available as separate di-electric fluids.