Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd (OEO) is a dedicated supplier of ‘super environmental’ oil based hydraulic fluids to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.

The aim of OEO is to provide environmentally acceptable alternatives to mineral oils across a wide plethora of applications including both topside and subsea hydraulic systems.

OEO has staff with many years experience in the Offshore hydraulics fluid market and can offer customers an excellent service and capability.

Other Products


FL DYE-580 Leak Tracer Dye is pink within the visible spectrum with excitation and detection frequencies of 540 & 580 nm respectively.

UVDYE-370 Leak Tracer Dye is colourless and works well with near UV detectors absorbing in the near UV (350 - 380 nm) and emitting in the visible range (430 - 450 nm).

Typical dosage levels are 100 – 200 ppm depending on the application.

FLDYE-580 and UVDYE-370 offer outstanding environmental credentials with an OCNS GOLD (E) with no substitutable components for UK Discharge and Yellow / Y1 environmental classification for use in Norwegian waters.  both dyes are also approved for use in Denmark.

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