ENVIROSOL EO Environmental Oils are a environmentally superior alternative to less friendly ISO Hydraulic Oils across a wide range of offshore and marine applications.

The Envirosol EO M Series is the medium price, mainstream performance fluid range within the portfolio.

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Target applications are typically high volume systems beneath the waterline and high volume topside systems that can potentially leak to sea.

Product Overview

ENVIROSOL EO Oils are designed to offer outstanding environmental properties across all sectors including OSPAR, UK, Norway, Denmark, US GOM and a host of other geographical areas. The fluids also meet EAL and VGP requirements.

The Envirosol EO range is extremely versatile and is aimed at customers looking to improve their environmental profile. Target applications are typically high volume systems beneath the water line and high volume topside equipment that can potentially leak to sea.

Within the range we can provide anything from topside BOP Fluids to high performance Gear Oils and with the added benefit of dielectric and arctic grades within the portfolio we cover a very wide application spectrum.

ENVIROSOL EO Oils exhibit excellent lubrication, corrosion protection, stability, microbiological protection, material compatibility and all round technical performance.

ENVIROSOL EO Oils are capable of working in a wide range of offshore equipment; however, please always consult with us prior to use to establish compatibility with your system and to clarify performance attributes.

The EO Oils Range

The Envirosol EO range of oils is available in a number of viscosity options offered across three main grades in a bid to offer customers a wide selection of technical performance and price points.  Several of the fluids in each grade are also available in a dielectric (insulation) grade.

The EO S Series is our most cost effective range of fluids within the portfolio.

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Product Support

Office based technical support system

Technical support during the fluid selection process and ongoing in the field is a crucial element of our service and we are here to support you and help you make informed decisions on our products.

Product Range

We offer a wide range of environmental oil based subsea production control fluids, subsea actuator fluids and umbilical storage fluids.

We offer a wide range of environmental oil based hydraulic fluids for both topside and subsea applications to suit all budgets and applications.

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