Technical services

Providing long term technical support, pre and post product selection is a key principle on which our entire operation is based.

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Extensive Technical Support

our technical services are available to all customers

Operating an outstanding technical support system

What we do

Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd (OEO) operates an outstanding office based technical support system via our Headquarters in Manchester and spend a great deal of time advising customers on the use and maintenance of our fluids in the field as well as offering support in many other areas as outlined on this site including fluid monitoring and material testing.

Our beliefs

OEO believes firmly that fluid maintenance and customer support is the key to the successful use of our product range in the field and we are totally committed to our customers by ensuring they get the very best technical advice and support that we can offer. You don’t just buy a product from OEO, you buy a fully committed supply partner who will stay with you and support your operations throughout our products lifetime.

Fluid monitoring

Offshore Environmental Oils (OEO) offers customers extensive support services in the field including fluid monitoring services.

As part of this service, we can supply modern and convenient equipment for offshore monitoring of fluid condition including sample bottles (both standard and NAS cleanliness bottles) and particle counters for monitoring fluid condition.

Our service is designed to provide customers with valuable feedback on fluid condition and also to alert customers when the fluid has become contaminated and/or otherwise compromised.

On samples submitted for analysis, OEO conduct detailed QC and send the results by email along with any remedial action necessary.

Material Qualification

OEO test a wide range of materials for compatibility with our subsea and topside fluids.

OEO test a wide range of materials for compatibility with our subsea and topside fluids, both during development and subsequently on the materials later found to be present in systems as part of later mapping processes.

The Manchester Facility is registered to ISO9001:2015 and all testing conducted on site closely follows the API 17F specification wherever practical.

Typical testing on metals involves a 12 week soak test at 70 °C with regular checks at 3, 6 and at the final 12 week result.

Typical testing on elastomers involves a 3 month soak test at 70 °C with regular checks at 1 week, 1 month and at the final 3 month result.

In addition, we are able to adjust the testing procedure to varying durations and temperatures in line with customer requirements.

Product Range

We offer a wide range of environmental oil based subsea production control fluids, subsea actuator fluids and umbilical storage fluids.

We offer a wide range of environmental oil based hydraulic fluids for both topside and subsea applications to suit all budgets and applications.

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