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Product Overview

ENVIROSOL USF04 is a low viscosity environmental oil based umbilical storage fluid for both thermoplastic and steel tube umbilicals, with a wide operational temperature range between -40 °C to 200 °C / 392 °F.

ENVIROSOL USF04 can offer significant cost savings during umbilical commissioning due to its superior compatibility with SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Riser, Flowline) chemicals and can negate the need for Topside or Subsea intervention for the interface requirements to First Oil or for Future Extensions.

ENVIROSOL USF04 has undergone chemical compatibility testing far beyond any previous industry standards for USF’s, including a wide range of temperatures and mix ratios and extended service related testing. Testing includes blockage flow tests and HPHT testing of mixtures to ensure stability in extreme situations and minimisation of potential issues in service.

ENVIROSOL USF04 is environmentally acceptable for use in OSPARCOM countries, boasting a 'Yellow' status (Norway) an OCNS Class E (UK) and meets GOM toxicity requirements.

Key Properties
  • Significant Commissioning and Project Savings

  • Can Negate Topside or Subsea Intervention

  • Low Viscosity Profile for an Oil Based Product

  • Superior Compatibility with SURF Chemicals

  • Extensive Mixed Fluid Compatibility Database

  • Yellow / OCNS Class E for Discharge

  • Meets GOM Toxicity Requirements 

  • Excellent Metal and Elastomer Compatibility

Product Downloads
USF04 SDS Norway
USF04 Product Summary
USF04 Technical Manual
Typical Physical Properties
USF04 Typical Physical Properties Chart

Note these properties are typical for the product but do not constitute a specification.

Did You Know...

Many spare umbilical lines get filled with water / MEG prior to deployment, the view being that it is the cheapest storage chemical there is and it will be flushed later during production.

The reality is however, that many of the spare lines will ultimately be used for oil soluble (water insoluble) wellbore chemicals and therefore extensive flushing will be required in the field.

Using USF04 can offer significant project savings by negating the need to flush in many such instances.