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Product Overview

ENVIROSOL OB200 is designed to match the key characteristics of traditional oil based fluids (such as the Brayco Micronic range), but at a fraction of the cost and with a significantly improved environmental profile, making it a compelling replacement for traditional oil based fluids.

ENVIROSOL OB200 is fully compatible in all proportions with Brayco Micronic fluids and can be used to ‘top up’ existing systems where a stronger focus on cost and/or environmental discharge is required.  OB200 can be used in both open and closed systems.

ENVIROSOL OB200 has undergone qualification across a wide range of industry equipment, along with a massive compatibility test program in relation to metals and elastomers commonly used in subsea systems.

ENVIROSOL OB200 is environmentally acceptable for use in OSPARCOM countries boasting a 'Yellow' status (Norway), and OCNS Class E (UK).

Typical Physical Properties
OB200 Typical Physical Properties Chart

Note these properties are typical for the product but do not constitute a specification.

Key Properties
  • Offers Significant Cost Savings

  • Matches key features of traditional oil based fluids

  • Fully compatible with Brayco Micronic Fluids

  • 200 °C Upper Temperature Limit

  • Excellent metal and elastomer compatibility

  • Yellow / OCNS Class E for Discharge

  • Expected to meet GOM toxicity requirements 

  • Suitable for closed / open systems

Product Downloads
OB200 SDS Norway
OB200 Product Summary
OB200 Technical Manual
Did You Know...

While OB200 is a sophisticated product, it is not designed to set any new records for technical performance in the industry.

The main focus during product development was to match the technical parameters of older, more traditional technology but at a price point and level of environmental acceptability that would be attractive to Operators, thus providing the industry with a new, cost effective and robust workhorse.