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Product Overview

ENVIROSOL CO250 is a CO2 compatible Subsea Control Fluid offering excellent corrosion protection and fluid stability in EOR/ CCS subsea systems.

ENVIROSOL CO250 has an extremely low viscosity but does not contain water hence cannot react with CO2 to form Carbonic acid or form CO2 gas hydrates.

ENVIROSOL CO250 is based on environmentally acceptable ‘oils’, boasting an OCNS Class E for UK use, a Yellow Y1 Classification for Norway and can be used in open/ vent to sea or closed/return systems.   To assist with our Carbon Offsetting programme, we pledge to plant a tree for every 5 litres of fluid sold.

ENVIROSOL CO250 has an upper temperature capability of 250°C.

This combination of environmental, futuristic, technical and performance attributes makes ENVIROSOL CO250 an ideal Subsea Control Fluid for all manner of traditional open/closed subsea projects along with EOR/CCS, while offering dual function as an extremely stable umbilical storage fluid that can offer significant savings during umbilical commissioning due to its superior compatibility with SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Riser, Flowline) chemicals.

Utilising CO250 in a standard subsea control system also makes sense if there is any likelihood that the subsea system might be converted to CO2 EOR or CCS in the future (plug and play forward compatibility).

Typical Physical Properties
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Note these properties are typical for the product but do not constitute a specification.

Key Properties
  • Fully Compatible with CO2

  • Does not contain water hence does not react with CO2 to form Carbonic Acid

  • Viscosity similar to water based fluids

  • Wide Temperature Range (-40°C to 250 °C / 482 °F)

  • Excellent Lubrication and Anti-wear Properties

  • Excellent Anti-corrosion Properties

  • Outstanding Environmental Properties

  • Yellow /Y1 / OCNS E for Discharge

  • Extensive Material & Equipment Qualification

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Did You Know...

CO2 corrosion in systems containing water can be extremely aggressive with 500ppm of water present enough to cause corrosion in pipelines.


ENVIROSOL CO250 is fully Compatible with CO2, contains no water and therefore does not form Carbonic Acid.

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