Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint


For every 5 litres of fluid we produce we pledge to plant a tree

As you will have gathered from our product range, we are dedicated to improving the environmental profile of our products to minimise the potential pollution of our worlds Oceans.  Our team is not new to this and we brought our first 'super environmental' hydraulic fluid to market is 2000 and have enjoyed many firsts in this arena over the past 20+ years.

While we have done our level best to meet our own, the planets and the markets expectation in the area of environmental hydraulic fluids we also have to consider our company Carbon footprint and that is something we are increasingly passionate about.  In our bid to help offset not only our current carbon footprint but also our footprint from every year since we started in this business, we have been looking for a simple way to make a start down this road and that brought us to trees.

Our pledge is to plant a bare minimum of 1 tree for every 5 litres of hydraulic fluid we produce.  This means on an average 208l drum of fluid purchased from us we will provide the funds to plant 42 trees via our tree planting partner Eden Reforestation. 

We forecast to pledge funds to plant at least 25,000 trees in 2021 which will remove (when mature) potentially something in the region of 500 tonnes of CO2 annually.  We are not suggesting trees are the whole answer but its a start, a step in the right direction on which to build as we continue to reduce and offset our carbon footprint and we look forward to updating you on our progress as we travel this road.

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