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"For every litre of fluid we sell, we will provide a school meal for a child in need!"


Working with Mary’s Meals, Offshore Environmental Oils (OEO) has pledged to support children in 3rd world countries with our Food for Thought programme. Through Mary’s Meals, OEO will help provide children with vital nutrition and nourishment, enabling them to focus on achieving an education.


Mary’s Meals is a well-established charity who work from the simple idea that “by providing one good meal in a place of learning, children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty” (www.marysmeals.org.uk).


Sponsor A School


OEO are proud to announce the sponsorship of ‘Conquering Foundation Institute’ in Liberia. Through our sponsorship, the school’s 335 pupils will be provided with a daily nutritious meal.


Mary's Meals is a global movement that believes every child in our world of plenty should receive one daily meal in a place of education.


By setting up and running school feeding programmes in some of the world's poorest communities, Mary's Meals attracts chronically hungry children to the classroom, where they can gain an education that can be their route out of poverty.


It costs just £12.20 for Mary’s Meals to feed a child in school for a whole school year.


The charity currently reaches 1,035,637 children with a nutritious daily meal in school, across 12 countries, and is committed to spending at least 93p in every £1 directly on charitable activities. For more information, visit www.marysmeals.org.uk



Our Sponsorships


OEO is committed to help increase the amount of children receiving an education, see below for our progress so far:


2015 – From donations in Q1 and Q2, OEO has been able to sponsor an entire school with meals for a whole year; The Conquering Foundation Institute in the Montserrado county in Liberia currently has 335 pupils who will be able to attend school and receive an education which will help them progress and create a better world for themselves and their families.


To encourage the students, OEO has had a sign painted with the words:

From Offshore Environmental Oils

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible

- Audrey Hepburn


To date OEO has provided  0   school meals
To date OEO has provided        0        school meals
Pictures courtesy of Mary`s Meals



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